Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 08 March 2019

At Nexves we take privacy very seriously and want to be as transparent as possible with what we do with your data. Outlined below is the exact information we collect, hold and process about you and what we use this information for. For our full privacy policy click here

E-mail Addresses - We use your email address for authentication and information distribution. If opted in you will also recieve our newsletter.

Bank Credentials - We utilize a 3rd party provider (Truelayer Limited) to handle the connection to your bank account. Truelayer Limited is FCA regulated and safeguards all of your credentials. Nexves holds no information about accessing your account.

Banking Account Information - We get the following from your bank connection: Account Name / Balance / Transactions / Account Number / Sort Code / Iban / Swift / Bacs. We use these to provide insights into your spending habits and behaviors.

Opt-in Additional Data - We collect the following to to let us offer the opt-in service: Address / Phone number / Photo id / Full name / Signature / Copy of utility bill. We need this to retrieve usage, pricing and tariff information from your service providers. This information is used to automatically switch you on to a better tariff.

Service Usage Information / Pricing / Tariff information - This information is used to find you better deals with service providers.

Nexves Limited will not sell or disseminate any of your data to 3rd parties without your explicit consent. We will always let you remove all of your personal information from our systems at any time.

For any questions or concerns please send an e-mail to